Sunday, May 24, 2009

On Hiatus

Update (5/27): I will clear the occasional comment. If the volume of comments increases, I will not, solely due to time constraints.

I will relusctantly put this blog on hiatus for about a month, starting at 11:59 PM Sunday 24 May. I have some pressing professional responsibilities which require my complete attention. I will not post anything, unless there are unforeseen circumstances arising. I do not plan to clear comments after today, but if you submit them in about a month, I will take care of them when I come back. I thank everyone for their interest.



Debrah said...

Hi Chris--

Hope you are enjoying your hiatus.

Just letting you know that my earlier prediction was right.

Scroll down midway on the page.

You now have your very own bustinside the Bat Cave.

For what that's worth.


Anonymous said...

Hello Haldies,

I know you're on hiatus but I wanted you to see this surprise!


"In a Nov. 3 message to the list that elicited more than a dozen positive responses, resident Bob Panoff [aka Mike Kell] suggested that neighbors adopt a zero tolerance attitude toward underage drinking and loud parties in Trinity Park. He promised to call 911 every time he sees obvious underage drinking or notices excessive noise or litter to help maximize incident reporting to the police.

Bob Panoff/MikeKell of the Team has swaggered for years fame?

"There is a culture at Duke of an entitlement to be drunk in the evenings and on the weekends," said Robert Panoff, a former Notre Dame club lacrosse player who has lived for more than a decade in Trinity Park, the neighborhood on the edge of Duke's east campus where the lacrosse team captains lived.
"That's the attitude that pervades the Duke campus, and it's not just the lacrosse team," said Panoff, founder and executive director of a nonprofit research and education organization. "There is a particular swagger at Duke. Is there a particular machismo and variation of that swagger on the lacrosse team? Absolutely."


Debrah said...


I find JinC's last comment to you in reference to your civilized invitation to be the best example of what some of us have been talking about.

He and his loyal readers cry for civility, but their methods are not civil.

Just because most of them cannot express themselves with candor, does not eclipse the rawness of their true tactics.

Anonymous said...

Haven't you been gone long enough?
I miss you! :)

Krystal Night said...

Hi Halides,

Big blow, isn't it? Huge. Major!

Brenham HS '75 said...

'Krystal Night', aka justice58:

Big blow, isn't it? Huge. Major!

Not really, j, but thanks for playing.

a Nice NJ Guy said...

ya, Brenham HS '75 --

Krystal Magnum Light and Just-Ice-58 seem to be the same person. Different CFM pics, different faces, hair color, bods ...

But that don't matter ... cause it's all false ...

Her/his words under both nicks are the SOS.

Blue Bell Eatin' Mofo said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Debrah said...

TO "A Duke Dad"--

Those photos are of so-called "celebrities".

The one most often used by the commenter in question is an old Toni Braxton (a once-popular singer) photo.

I'm always curious why some use photos of strangers as an avatar.


Krystal Night said...


What would make you think Toni is a stranger to me?

Krystal Night said...


You're being mighty presumptuous about knowing who are strangers in my life or anyone's life ftm. Don't act as if you know me from a messageboard.

Please don't get it twisted!

Debrah said...

TO "Krystal"--

From reading some of your comments in the cave, I'd say that you are a man masquerading.

And I can assure you, if you hadn't shown up at Chris's place with the act, I'd have never given it a thought.

Carry on!

Chris Halkides said...

Comments for this thread are now closed.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are doing well and just a note that I miss reading your posts. I am looking forward to your comments on the recent filings as well as JIC and DIW.

Chris Halkides said...

Comments on this thread have been reopened.