Monday, July 27, 2009

Taking a break

I am suspending blogging for an indefinite period. During that time I do not plan to clear comments*. Thanks to all for their interest.


*update 7/28/09: I will clear comments but sporadically.


a Nice NJ Guy said...


View-from-Wilmington has been a terrific forum for exploring many of the facets of the LAX Hoax and also today's hot topics.

Your patient hand in maintaining civility and encouraging discourse is much appreciated. The insights in your articles has stretched thinking on these matters.

Good luck in 'your real work', and when the civil trials are active (dare we envision ON TRIAL), perhaps you'll pick up blog again.

Best regards,

A Duke Dad

Anonymous said...

chemistry professor:

did your lab blow-up?

Chris Halkides said...

To anonymous at 10:43,

No, my students and I are just fine. I see that John in Carolina was also wondering about why I am taking a break. I need to concentrate on some professional responsibilities right now, including working on a grant proposal and trying to identify an unknown compound.


Anonymous said...

Best wishes on your grant proposal - hope that it comes through with all that you desire.

I look forward to the return of your blog as there are always thought provoking items.

One Spook said...

Good luck, Chris!

I predict you'll find your "unknown compound" a lot sooner than good old John in Carolina finds his!

One Spook

Debrah said...

How grand!

KC was just selected for yet another prestigious award.